Batman: The Animated Series – Batman with Batcycle 6” Action Figure Set


Gotham is a dense, sprawling city with tall buildings, busy highways, and dark alleys, and often in his quest to defend the city, Batman needs a versatile vehicle to go where the Batmobile cannot… the Batcycle. With it’s incredible manoeuvrability and tremendous speed, Batman can fight crime in style as he takes his quest for justice to the streets.

Based on the critically acclaimed TV series Batman: The Animated Series, the Batman with Batcycle 6” Action Figure Set is complete with an exclusive Batman action figure with an interchangeable helmet head, and featuring 27 points of articulation and a possible cape. The fully posable figure is capable of riding the Batcycle, which measures approximately 9.25” long and features light-up features and two free-spinning wheels to enable the bike to turn. The set also comes with a double-sided display base, allowing you to either have the Batcycle parked in the Batcave, or racing through the streets of Gotham City.

The Batman with Batcycle 6” Action Figure Set includes:

  • One (1) Batman 6” Action Figure with Interchangeable Bat Head with Helmet

  • One (1) Batcycle

  • One (1) Environmental Base

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