Darkwing Duck – Negatron Glow SDCC 2017 US Exclusive Pop! Vinyl


Airing for three seasons from 1991-92, Darkwing Duck has developed a massive cult following, even launching its own comic series in 2016.

The TV series follows the adventures of Drake Mallard, a suburban father of Gosalyn who fights crime under the guise of Darkwing Duck. His sidekick is Launchpad McQuack, known for his role in the equally-popular Disney series, Ducktales.

This Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! features the Negatron version of Negaduck, the first antagonist from Darkwing Duck to use the name “Negaduck”. While the second Negaduck was Darkwing’s evil twin from a parallel universe known as the Negaverse, this Negaduck was a living manifestation of Darkwing’s evil side.

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