Doctor Who – War Doctor Action Figure Exclusive


John Hurt’s mysterious incarnation of the Doctor has finally been explained in the 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor! We also caught a glimpse of him in the webisode The Night of the Doctor, in which Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor regenerated into John Hurt’s Doctor.

Known as “The War Doctor”, John Hurt’s Doctor was faced with an impossible decision – destroy his own people or watch the entire universe burn. The War Doctor’s choice will forever haunt him as well as his future regenerations…

This great John Hurt Exclusive 5″ Action Figure comes with ‘The Moment’, the ultimate and last weapon of the Time Lords, one that could only be used when no other options were left. It also includes the 8th Doctor’s head which is fully interchangeable with the figure. The figure also includes John Hurt’s Sonic Screwdriver!

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