Evil Dead 2 – Pee Wee Mask


Trick or Treat Studios and Studio Canal are proud to present, for the first time ever, the Official Evil Dead 2 Pee Wee Halloween Mask!

The Evil Force is an evil entity that was released when Professor Knowby recited passages from the Necronomicon. All victims of the Evil’s possession display some degree of superhuman strength, being able to easily throw full grown human adults across a room with one hand and punch through solid wood, and deadites that are already deceased upon possession display other abilities, as seen in the case of Henrietta, who was able to fly and transform into a snake-headed creature, referred to by the cast and crew of Evil Dead II as “Mr. Pee-Wee Head”

Now you can be Mr. Pee Wee Head this Halloween!

Sculpted by Pete Infelise and using countless screen shots, every detail of Pee Wee from Evil Dead 2 is represented in this amazing Halloween Mask.

So get some tattered rags and our Officially licensed Book of the Dead, i.e. The Necronomicon and become an Evil Force this Halloween Night!


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