Stranger Things 3 – Will the Wise Glow in the Dark Pop! Vinyl


In mid-1985, during the era of Back to the Future’s box office domination, Mike and Eleven have developed a romantic relationship, as have Max and Lucas.The heroes and heroines of previous seasons are living seemingly normal lives, although one year after the defeat of the Mind Flayer, things are not at all what they seem to be in Hawkins, Indiana. The town has a new leader, the morally corrupt Mayor Kline, whose administration supported and presided over the construction of the new Starcourt Mall. With the Fourth of July approaching, strange things start to happen: Lucas’ sister Erica discovers a mysterious new threat,and a lifeguard at the community pool suddenly disappears,triggering fear in those that have the events from the previous year still fresh in their minds.

Here we have the EXCLUSIVE Will the Wise, wearing his Glow in the Dark purple wizard outfit. We can only hope that he now has the power to fight off the Mind Flayer, since nobody wants to see poor Will succumb to that again! For those Stranger Things fanboys you’ll also be aware that Will The Wise was also the name of the fourth episode of Stranger Things 2.

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