They Live – 8″ Clothed Action Figure 2-pack


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With a fun sci-fi premise and a deeper social commentary about how advertising manipulates the masses, They Live was a truly underrated movie of the 80’s, since becoming a cult classic. Directed by the master of horror John Carpenter, the film told the story of a ruling class of aliens who hid in plain sight and controlled people via subliminal signals in media and commercials.

Now for the first time ever, the aliens from They Live have been recreated in action figure form, and you don’t even need technical sunglasses to see them as they really are. This set includes both the male and female alien as 8” clothed action figures based on their appearance in the film, complete with a television, newspaper and necklace accessories, plus the wristwatches that transport them to the alien command centre.

Any fan of this cult classic movie needs these action figures for their collection. You must buy them! Obey!

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