Transformers – Generations Prime Legends – Roadtrap


The Autobots and Decepticons use Prime Masters to wield the incredible powers of the legendary bots who shaped the universe: the Primes. Prime Masters carry the spark of a Prime, allowing them to share a Prime’s godlike ability with other bots. How will mischievous Decepticon Roadtrap wield this epic power? Anything is possible and everything is at stake when
the Power of the Primes is unleashed!

Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Legends Class figures are 3.75-inch-scale figures. When this Legends Class Roadtrap figure is in truck mode, spark mode Prime Master figures ride on top. It combines with the Power of the Primes Legends Class Battleslash figure to form a Duocon Battletrap figure. Additional figures are each sold separately. Subject to availability.

Figure Specs:
Legends Class Decepticon Roadtrap
Modes: robot, truck
Converts in 12 steps
• Combines with Legends Class Battleslash figure (sold separately)

• Includes Legends Class Roadtrap figure, collector card, 2 blaster accessories, and instructions.

• Legends Class Decepticon Roadtrap
• Converts from robot mode to truck mode in 12 steps
• Comes with a collector card and 2 blaster accessories
• Combines with Battleslash figure (sold separately) to form Duocon Battletrap
• Wield the Power of the Primes with the mischievous Decepticon

• Figure scale: 3.75 inches

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